About HoliCare

The HOLICARE project’s ambition is to tackle the challenge of diagnostics, treatment and prevention of respiratory tract infections (RTIs) in Low-and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs) thanks to a holistic approach bringing innovative diagnostics solutions to the population.
Addressing the Global Threat of Respiratory Tract Infections


Respiratory tract infections (RTIs) are the leading cause of death among infectious diseases in the world, the fifth overall cause of mortality for all ages, and the leading cause of death among children below the age of 5.
They are one of the major Poverty-Related Diseases (PRDs), representing 40% of deaths and 17% of cases reported in Sub-Saharan Africa with 2.4 million deaths caused by RTIs reported in 2016.

The prevention of PRDs in Sub-Saharan Africa suffers from major technological and non-technological challenges that prevent many patients from accessing high quality healthcare especially in remote or resource-limited areas, and that require drastic changes in the current approaches.

Respiratory infections world map-Deaths per million persons

source : World Health Organisation – 2016

A Holistic Approach to supporting the Massive Uptake of Innovative Diagnostic Technologies

The HOLICARE project aims to develop a holistic approach in healthcare in 3 pilot countries: Ethiopia, Uganda and Senegal.

To bridge the gap between technological excellence, available diagnosis production infrastructure, human capital and health systems, HOLICARE will be converging four pillars:

patient management and epidemic surveillance through innovative and complementary diagnostic technologies

HOLICARE Network & Resources
capacity building
through transfer of manufacturing

enhancing human capital potential through tailored training

adoption & implementation
through stakeholder engagement

A multicultural consortium gathering a unique combination of technical, educational, societal and entrepreneurial expertise aiming at building a larger community for the benefit of public health

In order to transform the current practices of healthcare delivery in Sub-Saharan Africa, with Ethiopia, Senegal and Uganda as pioneer countries, the consortium consists of:

  • Healthcare aid and research organisations from the 3 African countries who will play the role of “early adopters”.
  • Academic partners with research expertise in health diagnostics and management – with specific experience in diseases that most affect the African continent.
  • One of Europe’s largest clinical development organisations conducting clinical trials and full-service delivery over an ever-expanding group of therapeutic areas.
  • SMEs and private non-profit organisations that are world leaders in the fields of lateral flow tests, microfluidic technologies as well as digital communications and Artificial Intelligence solutions.
  • An SME specialised in the development of innovative entrepreneurial ecosystems with particular expertise in impact innovation.

This determined and highly motivated team is expected to grow and is inviting key healthcare stakeholders to join the community and make innovation happen.

  • Policy makers, patients and healthcare organisation representatives who want to find out more about the benefits of innovative diagnostic technologies for their community.  

  • Impact entrepreneurs and investors who want to be part of the development of new diagnostic technologies in Africa and contribute to better access to healthcare for all.

  • Healthcare professionals who want to implement the latest diagnostic technologies for the benefit of their patient community and who want to be trained to do so.

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