Holicare academy is on !

The first webinar of the HOLICARE Academy is to take place next September

The HOLICARE Academy offers a series of online webinars that focus on adopting a holistic approach towards the uptake of innovative diagnotic technologies for lower respiratory infections.  

Because technology is useless without humans to make the best use of it, the overall ambition of the HOLICARE Academy is to contribute to the developement of a well-trained, self-confident human capital that will be able to establish sustainable and independent health care provision in sub-Saharan Africa through increase of awareness of diagnostics’ capability and upskilling of workers.


A first webinar for healthcare professionals to deep dive into the HOLICARE project

The first webinar organised in September 2023 will be dedicated to clinicians, nurses, health workers, laboratory technicians and researchers  from Ethiopia, Uganda and Senegal. They will benefit from an introduction to the ambition of the HOLICARE  project to tackle the technical and organisational challenges at stake to improve the mangement of lower respiratory tract infections. 

To register: https://survey.su.se/webinarholicare2