Our 4 Pillars

A Holistic Approach to Support the Massive Uptake of Innovative Diagnostic Technologies  

The HOLICARE project aims to develop a holistic approach in healthcare for Sub-Saharan Africa by converging four pillars:

HoliCare Lab

Co-design with end-users
Diagnosis under RE-ASSURED criteria
Multi-LFT for rapid screening @ field
Mobile reader platform & App
POC-Instrument for diagnosis at hospital

HoliCare Resources & Network

Enhancement of digital infrastructures
Creation of quality-controlled biobanks
Data connectivity for diagnostic results data flow
QC processes and enhancement of local

HoliCare Academy

Establishment of regular workshops
Transfer of knowhow: EU-AFR & AFR-AFR
Technical training of personnel
Creation of career development programs
Enhance the entrepreneurship potential

HoliCare Access

Engagement of & link with relevant stakeholders
Alignment with health systems
Increase of awareness towards the public
Value chain analysis & health-impact modelling
Investigation of LMIC-tailored business models
Develop implementation strategies